About the Artist

As a self taught artist the world has been my classroom and everyday is a new lesson.

I cannot remember what life was like before I started drawing as I have been doing it most of my life.  As a child I would draw on anything I could get my hands on; the cardboard dividers that came in the Shredded Wheat boxes (are they still there?), the green & white dot matrix printer paper that my Father would bring me from work, and on the back of some glossy paper he brought me that came on a roll.  The glossy side was difficult to work on (it smudged really easily) but the back was good enough and it made me think of old scrolls.

Eventually my Mother realized that drawing was not just a passing phase and she bought me my first sketchbook and artist pencils.  My first "commissions" were from my elementary school classmates who would give me things in exchange for specific drawings of their favorite cartoon characters.

Pencil drawing from 1977

Mick Jagger


This is one of the earliest pieces of mine that I still have.  The paper was of poor quality, definitely not archival, and it was exposed to a direct heat/light source causing a dark stripe down the center.


Clint Black


Drawing was still very much a hobby at this point.  Graduating from high school (and college), getting married and giving birth to my son left little time for practicing the craft, but I did improve with each piece.


Nicolas Cage


By the late 90's I was doing a fairly steady amount of commissions.  My website (under my married name at the time) appeared on the first page of many search results.  It was much easier to do at that time.


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